Richards Advocacy provides independent investigations on complaints of discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence for companies, universities and colleges in Ontario.


Uncovering the relevant facts and providing an independent and efficient opinion is critical to workplace investigations in Ontario.  

Ashley is regularly asked by companies, universities and colleges in Ontario to review complaints made under harassment and discrimination policies or sexual violence policies and provide findings of fact and an opinion on policy breach.

Ashley’s expertise in providing independent investigations stems, in part, from her prior experience litigating allegations of discrimination, harassment, bullying, sexual violence and historical sexual assault for universities in Ontario and religious institutions across Canada.

Ashley’s approach to external investigations starts with defining a clear scope and mandate for the investigation, and providing all involved parties with a framework for the investigation.  Ensuring that everyone understands the process to the investigation is important.  Ashley also ensures that her investigations are thorough –  gathering all the facts and relevant documents early in the process and following up on additional facts and evidence, as needed. Ashley applies a trauma-informed approach to her investigations and strives to ensure fairness, due process and transparency throughout the investigation.  Ashley approaches all investigations with the same purpose – to independently investigate the facts, assess credibility, and ensure a fair and complete review.