Richards Advocacy has a team of experienced lawyers and law clerks who work hard to resolve disputes.


Richards Advocacy has a team of experienced civil and commercial litigators to service their clients.  Our team applies passion and expertise to every litigation file they handle.  

Richards Advocacy has specific expertise in lawsuits involving negligence, breach of contract, product liability, educational malpractice, sexual misconduct, subrogation (fire and water claims), discrimination, and professional negligence.

The firm has experience supporting both individual clients and institutions as they navigate civil and commercial litigation. In particular, the firm has expertise assisting post-secondary institutions, religious institutions, camp operators, non-profit organizations, property owners and contractors.

Founder and Managing Partner, Ashley Richards, has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario and the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

Partner, Ivana Bozinovic, has appeared at the Ontario Superior Court and Ontario Court of Appeal.

How is Richards Advocacy different than other law firms?

Richards Advocacy understands the facts first.

Understanding all of the issues in a lawsuit is critical to successful litigation – interviewing witnesses, finding and reviewing all relevant documents, taking time to understand the facts, context and personalities involved, is important to successfully litigating a lawsuit.

Richards Advocacy will tell you what they think.

Litigation is emotional. Whether you are a private client or an institutional client, if litigation has resulted, something has gone wrong. Hiring a lawyer means hiring someone who can help. It’s not helpful if your lawyer just advances your position, without taking time to really assess the facts, context and the law.  Our team works hard to understand what happened, when, and what are the possible outcomes of litigation – what can we predict and what we can’t.

Richards Advocacy works hard to efficiently resolve lawsuits.

Litigation can be expensive and long. Our team works hard to avoid delays, push matters forward and try to efficiently resolve disputes. Richards Advocacy believes clients are better served if litigation moves forward – too often a litigation file sits and is inactive for long periods of time. Our team always strives to move matters forward to get them resolved.


Richards Advocacy has experience bringing subrogated property claims for insurers in Ontario. Our team handles subrogated claims in areas such as fire loss, water damage, professional negligence and oil spills.

Richards Advocacy applies their advocacy skills to every subrogation file and works hard to efficiently resolve each matter. Quick recovery on subrogated matters is always our goal.

Educational Malpractice

Richards Advocacy has a depth of experience with educational malpractice lawsuits. Prior to opening Richards Advocacy, our team defended universities across Ontario with respect to claims of negligence, breach of contract, failure to educate, conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duty, discrimination and economic torts. Our team is passionate about education law and understands the law involving university and college students and the academic institutions that provide post-secondary education.

Richards Advocacy also has expertise in the legal issues that arise in elementary and secondary school at both public schools and private and independent schools  – access to special education (Integrated Education Plans), negligence, and contract issues, as well as liability issues that may arise with field trips, sporting activities, and issues involving harassment, discrimination and sexual violence.